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Borut Senicar Borut.Senicar at WebAfna.Com
Tue Aug 12 14:09:54 MST 2003

Same thing. It will make sense to try

Register => <FWDnum>@fwd.pulver.com:<FWDpass>@fwdnat.pulver.com:5082

but in that case Asterisk sends 

REGISTER sip:fwdnat.pulver.com SIP/2.0

which is not right. It should be sip:fwd.pulver.com but sent thru

BR Borut

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Subject: Re: [Asterisk-Users] Using Asterisk with FWD through NAT
From: Eric Wieling <eric at fnords.org>
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Did you try:

register => <FWDnum>@fwdnat.pulver.com:<FWDpass>@fwd.pulver.com

On Tue, 2003-08-12 at 13:24, Borut Senicar wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there any way to connect (register, initiate and receive calls) 
> with Asterisk to FWD through NAT? Since I own my router port 
> forwarding is not a problem.
> I tried with
> Register => <FWDnum>@fwd.pulver.com:<FWDpass>@fwd.pulver.com
> but since Asterisk still use internal IP in some SIP fields I got "479

> We don't accept private IP contacts. Please set your external IP" 
> message.
> In second scenario I hack hosts file that fwd.pulver.com points to 
> fwdnat.pulver.com. In that case I was able to register but call can't 
> be initiated since Asterisk put wrong (proxy) port in To: field of SIP

> message.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance
> Borut
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