[Asterisk-Users] Does Wildcard x100p support BT Caller ID in UK?

Andy Powell andy at beagles-den.demon.co.uk
Sat Aug 9 10:39:07 MST 2003


if the capability for line reversal detection is in the hardware (X100P) then does this mean that the detection of DTMF style caller-id as used in the following countries would ber trivial? or am I hoping too much...

Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands,India, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay and Japan

Imagine all those happy people!!


On 09/08/2003 at 10:44 Mark Spencer wrote:

>> Maybe you could open a bug for it, and attach the specs / a link to
>> those specs? Also, I suggest you reply to this message:
>That's a great idea.  The other thing is that we have to detect polarity
>reversal or we'll constantly be scanning for CID.
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