[asterisk-ss7] Need to disabled SLTA responses on Chan_SS7 code level

shazi . engrmuhammadshahzad at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 8 10:56:42 CDT 2014

Hi Experts,

Can anybody please help me out to disabled SLTA responses on Chan_SS7 code

I've come across below link but don't understand much.

What I need is chan_ss7 to not to wait for SLTA after sending an SLTM
because right now if SLTA not received it change the link-state to DOWN
after two tries & the Q.707 timer T1 (to wait to receive an SLTA) gets

I've set sltm => no but still SLTM is being sending from my side to telco.

I am using Chan_ss7 1.4.3 version, mtp.c file is attached. Please help! 

Muhammad Shahzad

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