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Marcelo Pacheco marcelo at m2j.com.br
Fri Jan 18 01:52:47 CST 2013

Hi Laura,

If you expect this functionality for free, then you can delete this message.
However if you're willing to pay for it, I can create a patch that will
look for a channel variable and set the charge indicator accordingly
If the variable is absent, no special treament is made.

For instance, I set SS7_CIC, SS7_DPC on incoming calls

I'm a carrier services professional, using libss7 in production on
complex setups (one server talks to 6 separate DPCs, going through STPs
in some routes, directly in others, other remote servers go through the
main server, our libss7 switch is an STP). I have patched several
potentially serious libss7 MTP2 and ISUP bugs, but that don't hit users
in normal setups, but when they do, they will be sorry not to have those
But since I don't work for a company that makes money selling asterisk
hardware, I can't give away my code.

I'm currently developing my own stand alone SS7 STP/Cluster with high
end capabilities (hundreds of point codes, dozens of signalling links,
CIC based routing - aka clustering).

I speak fluent English, but I'd rather communicate via e-mail or google
talk (I'm using MSN until I can, but I won't migrate to skype - I don't
like computer viruses on my laptops).

On 01/10/13 17:10, Laura Maurizi wrote:
> Hi, how can I set charge indicator to "charge" or "no charge" is SS7.
> Actually I'm sending charge indicator = 0. I'm using asterisk
> Thanks,
> Laura Maurizi


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