[asterisk-ss7] asterisk using only for signaling between sip/ss7/mgcp

Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Thu Mar 15 04:50:21 CDT 2012

Hello list

i have read about chan_ccs which sound like what i want to try.
we now have a Cisco PGW talking to a switch over m2ua (?!) and also some
cisco 5400 media gateways connected to the same switch.

When i understand this setup right (sorry i am not from the classic
telephone world ;) then chan_ccs would be able to do the same what this
cisco pgw does now. Receive sip and talk to the switch using m2ua or
something like this and mgcp to the 5400er media gateways to establish a
rtp connection from the 5400 and the sip client.

is this a possible way for chan_ccs or am i completly wrong about it? Or
is there even another way to do this?

best regards


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