[asterisk-ss7] DTMF Issue

Ryan Crowder ryanc at customteleconnect.com
Wed Mar 7 13:34:46 CST 2012

Sorry, this is kind of a 'Users'  question but applies specifically to SS7.  Thought someone here may have same experience.  Let me know if I need to ask in another list.


When I use the ManagerAction_Originate to an ss7 channel I cannot interact.  Seems DTMF is not passed.  If I go out IAX to another server that then dials out PRI it works fine.


I can call into Asterisk and interact with an AGI script, but if I Originate a call onto the same AGI script over the same group no DTMF is passed.

Also, if I do a ManagerAction_Bridge after the Originate, I can hear the DTMF being passed.  So I think it is specific to Originate.  

Anyone experience the same?  I was looking at https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-19312 but I think that refers to a SS7 to SIP issue and I only have the one SS7 channel. 


Can someone try originating a call over ss7 and see if they can pass DTMF?  You don't need to set up an AGI, I cannot interact with the dialplan either.





Thank you!



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