[asterisk-ss7] MTP Link Down SLC (0) SLC (1)

Krzysztof Drewicz krzysztofdrewicz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 01:35:44 CST 2012

2012/2/15 Bharat Lalcheta <bharatlalcheta at gmail.com>

> No i m not getting BAD FCS HDLC abort. In dahdi i m getting following 2
> messages.
> REL on channel (CIC 113) without owner!  This message i m getting on first
> server too.
> But below message came on the problematic server whenever mtp2 link down
> message come
> Duplicate IAM requested on CIC 2

> I have 2 servers with dual core 3 GHz dual cpu with 2 GB RAM and having 2
> * TE410P digium, total 8 port for inbound calling.

> Both server has same setup, 8 E1's with 2 Signalling channels from same
> telco.
>  Please guide me to solve above problem.
> Bharat Lalcheta

Was here on list many times:

If you have many (like >4 ) E1 connections to ISDN or SS7, simply the PC
architecture won't handle some traffic/calls.
You possibly trans-code some calls like G711 to/from gsm/ilbc/g729/g723
Try to change architecture - some redundant setup and more servers, split
TDM hardware to more boxes, and it will work...
As simple as that. If you don't believe, cut down traffic to 4 E1, by not
configuring second card in dahdi/system, then add one E1, wait day or two
etc... you will measure how much your box could handle.
In my experience: recently bought servers go with max 7-8 TDM connections
and not a single one more.
Simply - when 'soft modems' were popular on market  - noone tried to put 4
soft-modems in one box. It was designed to use main CPU for many functions.
Now - you try just to put many 'soft' cards into one box - without any
check up if this architecture it could handle that.
Even 'smart' ss7 cards from dialogic or synway or any other vendors have
some limits with max cards per box...
Maybe - 1st step should be optimize your dialplan?
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