[asterisk-ss7] Problem with SS7 test

misme Gazeta.pl misme at gazeta.pl
Tue Oct 18 09:06:07 CDT 2011


during tests with the telco operator, which I have linked with chan_ss7
came out some problems:

1) When I trying to send an busy to the other side (from context):
exten => _X., 1, Busy ()
they gets a normal call clearing. How can I send a real busy status?

 2) Is it possible to lock a single CIC (not a group of CIC) - I try to send
for group with single CIC (i.e. ss7 block 1 1), but the operator didnt
accept this.

 3) Is it possible to make chan_ss7 to choose the CIC from the highest
(by default go from lower to highest and hunting_policy setting changes only
CIC are selected even or odd).

 4) Is it possible to make continuity test from chan_ss7?

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