[asterisk-ss7] If you were me which SS7 Links would you choose in a non VoiP Country?

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Wed Mar 2 20:50:34 CST 2011

Hello All,

I have a family friend whose father has a inactive communications license in
a Africa country we are in the process of re-instating.

The Voice rates, per minute, range from .30 - .50 cents.

This countries telco's offers NO VoIP Direct In Dial Telephone #s,  and
bandwidth for
a T-1 is $1950 per month and $4500 per month for a 100Mbps connection.

We are in the process of obtaining SS7 links to try and reduce the end cost
and extend the talk time to everyone in this country so my question for all
of you is if you were me, and could obtain SS7 Links/TDM Voice Circuits, or
whatever else necessary, what would it be?

I cant disclose the country sorry and we are in restart up mode picking up
were my friends father left it back in 2005 broken.  ( Respectfully speaking

I'm interested in sending and receiving voice traffic to/from my African SS7
Links which will be interconnected to a Asterisk server there, and a USA
server via SIP.  I intend on obtaining blocks of African local & toll free
#s to be assigned to my SS7 link(s)

What would you gals/guys recommend I obtain, and mind you more than likely I
will have to have armed security with me as the incumbent telcos are
HYPERSENSITIVE to providing anyone anything other than a telephone bill. Its
taken 3 months of fighting to get to this point and yes we are being given
permission to create this Countries VoIP DID #s.

My bandwidth supplier in country is recommending that I be placed within his
Satellite P.O.P and suggests that I "interconnect with all 6 Telcos" within
the country all from his location as I get the impression he doesn't trust
them either.  Or I'll have to install servers at each telcos Central Office
to interface my Asterisk-SS7 servers with each Telco's SS7 switch/box.  This
can get dangerous QUICK!

Can I run 6 point codes on a single box?

Hellllllllllllllp with suggestions/advice please.



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