[asterisk-ss7] Asterisk + LibSS7 1.0.2 : Early Media Problem

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Wed Jun 22 06:08:11 CDT 2011

Hassan, I think I have a contribution to your problem:


As of Release 1.6, you need to make an explicit 


exten => 1234,n,Progress()


else Asterisk will not proceed using SIP/183 with SDP. Can you show the signaling data of the SIP session? It would help to understand what call vector you are having issues with since the routing (aka dialplan) has different requirements on an incoming (SS7->SIP), respectively outgoing call (SIP->SS7).


Regards, Florian




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Thank you, Konstantin for your prompt reply.  However, I am a bit confused after reading your email.


The calls are coming into Asterisk over SIP and going out on TE420P cards towards Telco using SS7.  Using Chan_SS7, we can hear the RBT (ring back tone) from the Telco.  But, on LibSS7, we are not hearing anything at all, unless we set "progressinband=yes" which makes Asterisk generate fake ring tones, and that works, but not ideal.


So, your mention of "first" and "second" is being a confusing for us.  Sorry for being an inconvenience.






On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 16:43, Konstantin Prokazoff <kprokazov at s-v-r.net> wrote:


for the first, ringtone in your configuration always w'be generated by
final point of destination in SS7 network.
By the second, your can use lower group signalling (for ex. PRI) to
provide such functions by higher switch.


В Срд, 22/06/2011 в 15:51 +0600, Nyamul Hassan пишет:

> Hi,
> We have moved to the above config a couple of weeks ago, and really
> liking the new-found stability I see in this configuration.
>  Previously, we used to use Asterisk 1.6 + Chan_SS7 1.3, and was met
> with numerous "crashes" in high CPS situations.
> However, in this setup, the early media is giving us troubles.  With
> the default config, no ring tone, no early media.  When we put
> "prematureaudio=yes", still no sound.  And, putting
> "progressinband=yes" makes Asterisk generate a ring tone, as is
> suggested by the note in the conf file.
> But, we would like to get the early media that we get from the Telco
> side, many of which are custom tones, like songs, music etc.  Can
> someone please indicate what could be wrong in our setup?
> Regards

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