[asterisk-ss7] Using LIBSS7 on a TDMoE environment

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Fri Feb 11 04:04:49 CST 2011


Thank you for your help.

For the timer, the doc mentions that a DAHDI card must be used!!!! What to
use for timer if there is no card? Or, the timer does not matter if no
hardware is available?

Abdelkader Mosbah

> yes it is possible.
> In dahdi/system.conf you configure a dynamic span like:

> #       To Ast 2
> dynamic=eth,eth0/<MAC_of_Ast2>,31,0
> dchan=16
> bchan=1-15,17-31

> in the second system (asuming that Ast1 will provide the timing)
> #       To Ast 1
> dynamic=eth,eth0/<MAC_of_Ast1>,31,1
> dchan=16
> bchan=1-15,17-31

> and you use the span just lik you would use a hardware span.
> The example is for a typical PRI setup, but with dynamic spans you may
> have 124 chans (or more) in a single dynamic device:

> dynamic=eth,eth0/<MAC_of_the_remote>,124,0
> dchan=1
> bchan=2-124
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