[asterisk-ss7] Can't Block CIC No "circuit group blocking acknowledge" from peer

Jakub Klausa J.Klausa at SS7.PL
Wed Feb 2 05:35:35 CST 2011

On 2011-02-02, at 11:22, gm at conino.com.pl wrote:

> HI
> Thanks for your answer.
> I was check again and I confirm that is else problem than I referring in my first message.
> I was talk with my teleco and hi tell me that in my ss7 CGB is missing parameter of range blocking only hi get range 32 ,
> When i send CGB , that I should send 3 parameters (1 cic, range  and mask).
> But what I understand on his side only get always message to all 32 channels newer mind what range I send .
> Central of my teleco it's simply ignore my CGB from this reason.
> If he send me CGB that working fine.
> Answer for you last question:
> We do interconnect testing now.
> Have you any suggestions ??

The only sugestion is to patch the ss7 reset function in chan_ss7, because it's broken like that forever, despite
what people will tell you ;-) The patch should be pretty straight forward, as all the parameteres are sent correctly
(according to the specs). The problem lays in the cli parameter parsing to the right MSU values.

Btw, the remote switch should not ignore such a CGB, only CGA it and block the CICs that are available (defined) within the specified range.

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