[asterisk-ss7] Can't Block CIC No "circuit group blocking acknowledge" from peer

gm at conino.com.pl gm at conino.com.pl
Wed Feb 2 04:22:01 CST 2011


Thanks for your answer.

I was check again and I confirm that is else problem than I referring in 
my first message.

I was talk with my teleco and hi tell me that in my ss7 CGB is missing 
parameter of range blocking only hi get range 32 ,
When i send CGB , that I should send 3 parameters (1 cic, range  and mask).
But what I understand on his side only get always message to all 32 
channels newer mind what range I send .
Central of my teleco it's simply ignore my CGB from this reason.

If he send me CGB that working fine.

Answer for you last question:
We do interconnect testing now.

Have you any suggestions ??

Best Regards
Grzegorz Maciak



IT Manager  of Conino L.T.D
ICQ number: 619538873
email: gm at conino.com.pl

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