[asterisk-ss7] asterisk documentation

Muwazi Daniel muwazi.daniel at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 00:13:18 CST 2010

Hi all, I hope am addressing this to the correct forum cause the last 
thing I want to do is waste your valuable time.

Am trying to do an interconnect a PSTN with my asterisk box am using 
sangoma cards for the interconnect and they have given me a form to fill 
in but many things on that form don't make  much  sense to me even 
after  I  visit  google . Can ny one tell me where I can find 
documentation which can answer questions like;

MTP, ISUP, TUP SCCP version supported
error correction method
bearer capability/ Transmission Medium Requirement
circuit double seizure handling
reset facilities
DCME ccts
PCM coding law
pulse line coding technique
frame structure
cyclic redundancy check (on/off)

Any assistance will be highly appreciated.


Muwazi Daniel

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