[asterisk-ss7] SS7 Costa Rica

Jorge Antillon jantillon at ticom.co.cr
Thu Mar 18 10:31:05 CDT 2010

        I've been trying to setup SS7 completely down here in Costa Rica
for a week now and I am thinking I've run out of resources, we are the
first interconnect and pretty much have no other way to look out for
        I have 20 E1s with the operator and while I see Idle channels
and I am capable of receiving a call, answering it and processing it,
when trying to place an outbound call it is not being able to complete,
what we get is a recoding system from the operator saying that the
number is incorrect (perhaps the nature-of-address, translation or
numbering plan).
        I have included my config files for reference.
        I've moved forward with the case by fiddling with the
globaltitle / ssn setting, as to changing its four fields, but I have no
idea of all of the possible values and their effect.
        enabled => yes
        enable_st => yes
        use_connect => no
        hunting_policy => odd_lru ;seq_lth
        context => congestion
        language => en
        t35 => 15000,timeout
        subservice => auto
        variant => ITU
        linkset => ls1
        channels => 1-30
        schannel => 31
        firstcic => 1
        enabled => yes
        echocancel => allways
        echocan_train => 350
        echocan_taps => 128
        linkset => ls1
        channels => 1-30
        schannel => 31
        firstcic => 33
        enabled => yes
        linkset => ls1
        channels => 1-31
        schannel =>
        firstcic => 65
        enabled => yes
        linkset => ls1
        channels => 1-31
        schannel =>
        firstcic => 97
        enabled => yes
        enabled => yes
        opc => 0x601
        dpc => ls1:0x103
        links => l1:1,l2:2,l3:3,l4:4
        globaltitle => 0x01, 0x01, 0x00, 4702636074
        ssn => 0


Jorge Antillon
ticom - Costa Rica Telecom

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