[asterisk-ss7] libss7 loop-back possible on the same card?

Marcelo Pacheco marcelo at m2j.com.br
Wed Feb 24 08:17:02 CST 2010

That means you know next to nothing of dadhi E1 ss7.
Then you probably shouldn't be messing with ss7/isup.
If you can't understand the configuration, you shouldn't be following
somebody else's cookbook and hope everything will be fine.
ss7/isup is a telephony network protocol, not just an end user one,
isn't like ISDN... It requires actual knowledge of the tecnology to
operate without major potential issues. It's easy to mess up...
Sorry about the venting, I'm TIRED of all this lazy people that expect
free help on something they should understand themselves.
Your reply is the same as if I offered you a script to connect ports 1
and 4 of a 4 span card and you have a 2 span card, and you discard the
tip because you can't do basic math...


Vahan Yerkanian wrote:
> On 2/24/10 5:51 PM, Marcelo Pacheco wrote:
>> Used this with chan_dynamic of type loc (a virtual loopback span,
>> with 100 channels) channels 1-100 talk to 101-200
> Well I'm trying with chan_dahdi, as I want to be sure everything works
> before I ship this server to the carrier's premises.
> Anyone with a working config for chan_dahdi / E1 card?

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