[asterisk-ss7] adding ss7 pcap support to dahdi

Torrey Searle tsearle at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 04:17:15 CST 2010


I don't know if something similar exists already but I've created a
patch to add the ability to do pcap capturing on dahdi cards. So I'm
posting it here just in case it might be useful to someone. It
consists of 2 parts

1. changes to the dahdi driver to add ioctls to mirror reads/writes
from a signaling channel to a pseudo channel
2. a corresponding user app to set up the mirroring and record the
traffic in a pcap

This seems to work though I'm not sure if it's the best solution design-wise.
I might be abusing the pseudo channel concept and wanted to ask if you ever
felt the need for similar functionality.

to compile the app do the following
gcc dahdi_pcap.c -o dahdi_pcap -lpcap

and the syntax to run it is
./dahdi_pcap chan1  [chan2]* pcap.pcap

./dahdi_pcap 16 47 test.pcap

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