[asterisk-ss7] chan_ss7 and echo cancellation

Gregory Massel greg at csurf.co.za
Fri Feb 12 04:28:03 CST 2010


I'm running chan_ss7 1.3 on * 1.4.29 and have a high load average (exceeds 
1.0) with 90% CPU on Asterisk process and only around 30 calls. Load and CPU 
usage seems to vary proportionately with the call volume; it's no issue when 
there are only around 15 calls.

Given the hardware (Quad Core Xeon E5504 @ 2GHz, 4GB DRAM), the G.729a 
transcoding shouldn't be hitting the box that hard and there isn't much else 

1) Does chan_ss7 support the hardware echo cancellation on the Digium cards?

2) If so, how can I check that chan_ss7 is using the Digium card's echo 
cancellation module rather than trying to echo cancel in software?

3) Is there anything else within chan_ss7 that might be hogging CPU 



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