[asterisk-ss7] How Asterisk + sigtran ?

Amish amish at 3g.co.za
Fri Feb 5 12:46:01 CST 2010

Hi John,

What advantage does the architecture on the following webpage provide?
- http://wiki.projectdiastar.org/index.php/Project_DiaStar_Server_-_SIGTRAN

Would it not be better to provide a M3UA implementation that resides on 
the Asterisk server rather than a separate server?
The use of Routing Contexts and Routing Keys in M3UA would help to 
distribute traffic across multiple Asterisk platforms.


On 02/05/2010 05:17 PM, John Hermanski wrote:
> Hi Amish,
> You're right about the doc -- we're working on it.
> In the meantime, some answers to your questions:
> DiaStar is an open source application which is used to connect our 
> proprietary DiaStar Media Engine (a variation of our HMP product) to 
> Asterisk.  It uses the Woomera protocol to connect to a chan_woomera 
> channel driver on the Asterisk side.  Dialogic DNI boards provide a 
> T1/E1 interface to the PSTN for CAS, ISDN or SS7.  For SIGTRAN 
> signaling, it uses our proprietary DSI SIGTRAN stack.
> An intro to DiaStar architecture and how it works with Asterisk is here:
> http://www.dialogic.com/products/docs/appnotes/11541-diastar-intro-an.pdf
> This was written before SIGTRAN was added, so it just mentions ISDN as 
> a PSTN protocol.  There is a diagram of how SIGTRAN fits in here:
> http://wiki.projectdiastar.org/index.php/Project_DiaStar_Server_-_SIGTRAN
> Licensing for the open source Diastar application is GNU General 
> Public License.  The DiaStar Media Engine and SIGTRAN stack are 
> proprietary.
> Descriptions of the DNI boards and SIGTRAN stack are here:
> http://www.dialogic.com/products/signalingip_ss7components/SS7_Protocols.htm 
> http://www.dialogic.com/products/ip_enabled/hmp_enabled_boards.htm
> If you would like pricing on the DNI boards and SIGTRAN stack, please 
> let me know.
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