[asterisk-ss7] How Asterisk + sigtran ?

John Hermanski John.Hermanski at dialogic.com
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Hi Amish,

You're right about the doc - we're working on it.

In the meantime, some answers to your questions:

DiaStar is an open source application which is used to connect our proprietary DiaStar Media Engine (a variation of our HMP product) to Asterisk.  It uses the Woomera protocol to connect to a chan_woomera channel driver on the Asterisk side.  Dialogic DNI boards provide a T1/E1 interface to the PSTN for CAS, ISDN or SS7.  For SIGTRAN signaling, it uses our proprietary DSI SIGTRAN stack.

An intro to DiaStar architecture and how it works with Asterisk is here:


This was written before SIGTRAN was added, so it just mentions ISDN as a PSTN protocol.  There is a diagram of how SIGTRAN fits in here:


Licensing for the open source Diastar application is GNU General Public License.  The DiaStar Media Engine and SIGTRAN stack are proprietary.

Descriptions of the DNI boards and SIGTRAN stack are here:


If you would like pricing on the DNI boards and SIGTRAN stack, please let me know.

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