[asterisk-ss7] Asterisk, Taqua T7000, and you guessed it, SS7

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Fri Apr 30 10:23:38 CDT 2010

Bryan Scott wrote:
> On Apr 29, 2010, at 6:23 PM, Paul Timmins wrote:
>> I started with CIC 73 so they would match the asterisk channels for 
>> better debugging. Set your SS7 trunk to SLC 1. I couldn't make it work 
>> on SLC 0. No idea why.
> The Taqua is 1 too?  Regardless of Asterisk's setting, it shows the SLC 0.  Setting the Taqua to 1 causes the F-Link to go down and Asterisk complains.
Yes. Both the taqua and the asterisk are set to SLC=1
>> Additionally, I had to change the following headers in libss7's mtp2.h 
>> to keep the link stable:
>> /* ANSI links */
>> #define ANSI_TIMER_T1 13002
>> #define ANSI_TIMER_T2 12000
>> #define ANSI_TIMER_T3 11800
>> #define ANSI_TIMER_T4_NORMAL 2300
>> #define ANSI_TIMER_T4_EMERGENCY 593
> Your values match the timers in Taqua's default Linkset settings.  I'm betting you could probably change them in the switch to match the default mtp2.h, but I tried your suggestion anyway.
Probably. I tend to go with what the big iron is doing and let the 
asterisk cope.
> I got a couple more lines of useful info when the link comes up, but I'm still getting complaints of unconfigured CICs and the T7000 shows the CICs as being blocked.
What does your SS7 trunkgroup look like?

What software are you running on the Taqua?

Have you tried setting isupMsgTrace to MSG_WITH_BOTH_DUMP and watching 
the involved BIC/TICs in TMT to see what's being sent?


> I'm running Asterisk, libss7 1.0.2, libpri, and dahdi-2.2.1.
> -- Bryan

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