[asterisk-ss7] MySQL HiRes timer.

Jorge Antillon jantillon at ticom.co.cr
Fri Apr 23 09:32:43 CDT 2010


First off, I know this is not cdr_mysql forum, BUT, the asterisk-addons
message board bounced my posting.
I've bumped onto a different pothole this time, what seems to be is a
CDR recording issue:

I need to set CDR recording to tenths of a second or better, instead of
integer values,

I have asterisk and addons 1.4.10.
cdr.billsec and cdr.duration is already set as float, so no problem

I figure you must have bumped into issues like this connecting SS7
trunks to other operators.

Or if you know where to look for, please let me know.


Jorge Antillon
ticom - Costa Rica Telecom

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