[asterisk-ss7] SS7 MAP Support for Asterisk

Marco Cordeiro marco.cordeiro at globalstar.com.br
Tue Oct 27 06:47:01 CDT 2009

Hello All,
I know that this subject has been discussed many times here, but since I haven't been following the list lately, I'll bring it up again. 
Do you have any updates on MAP support for libss7 ?
I'll explain my problem, any maybe you could give me suggestions. 
I'm trying to integrate two MSCs (Mobile Switch) that currently are connected thru a dedicated link (Voice + Signalling) that costs a lot per month, once the two locations are very far from each other (about 3000 Km). The idea is to integrate them thru the internet. 
The voice channels must be ISUP, and related to that the current version of libss7 is perfect, some tests have being made and it works perfectly, running an Asterisk in each location, locally connected to the MSC with and ISUP link, and the traffic being exchanged thru and IAX trunk between the 2 servers. 
Now the idea is to also migrate SS7 MAP signalling between this two locations. Currently location "A" holds the HLR for the whole signalling network, and location "B" has to check HLR's database for mobile's profile. I was thinking about doing the same setup used for voice channels, but now used for SS7 MAP signalling. 
I now that there are many solutions in the market for that, such as CISCO ITP Routers (SS7 over IP), SS7 tunneling devices, but I would like to try a cost effective solution using asterisk if possible. 
Marco Cordeiro
mhcordeiro at gmail.com
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