[asterisk-ss7] Signalling links increased to 2. Link drops

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Thu Mar 26 10:13:58 CDT 2009

Prince Singh wrote:
> Zaptel 1.4
> Card: T420P
> zaptel configuration file attached
> Using digium card for our  smsc applications well as with the IVR.In the 
> smsc appilication previoulsy. Initially there was a single signalling  
> link per E1 for sending SMS.
> As the SS7 line supports 16 signalling link for the SMSC we've got 
> request to increase the signalling link and thus we increaed it to 2.
> The problem now is that the links goes down in every 10min.The reason is 
> not understandable.
> How many signalling link does the diguim card can handle/support .
> Is there any limitaion like that?

If you're using libss7, you should make sure that you're configuring 
your signalling channel in /etc/zaptel.conf or /etc/dahdi/system.conf as 
mtp2 (instead of dchan).  This will probably fix any problems related to 
high load related to realtime servicing of the link.

Matthew Fredrickson
Digium, Inc.

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