[asterisk-ss7] Asterisk SS7 voice problem

shoieb_arshad at comsats.edu.pk shoieb_arshad at comsats.edu.pk
Mon Jul 13 13:26:59 CDT 2009


I have configured asterisk with ss7 signaling between two asterisk  
servers using Sangoma A101 cards.
I have used the following versions.
asterisk- trunk
dahdi-trunk and dahdi tools
libss7 branch 1.0.

Now the problem is that signaling channel is working fine and the call  
setup is working properly, but once the call has been established no  
voice is detected on both ends, after that by sending DTMF from either  
end bearer channel start working properly.
Can you please tell me where the problem is?and how can i solve it?
->All  the echocancel are off (hardware and software both).
->echotraining is also set to "no" in chan_dahdi.conf.
->COT check is set to none in IAM message.

Muhammad Shoieb Arshad
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Comsats Institute of Information Technology,
Islamabad, Pakistan.
PH # 03006805270

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