[asterisk-ss7] Sangoma A104DE + Dahdi + libss7 + Asterisk -KERNEL PANIC

Attila Domjan adomjan at tvnet.hu
Fri Aug 7 03:50:22 CDT 2009

the v37 is for the A108 cards, for A102 the latest is the v34 and also
contains this fix. the firmwares are in the wanpipe and/or
Last night I made another probe (A108D V37 firmware, dahdi-,
wanpipe-3.4.4), the kernel panic came after the first ANM, so reverted
back to 3.4.1.


On Fri, 2009-08-07 at 00:33 -0500, research at businesstz.com wrote:
> > The firmware was v35, but red suggested is v37 (I have A108D). Tonight
> > I'll try another upgrade. I skipped the firmware changelog.
> Im yet to see v37!! can you post the url please
> > Are you upgraded the card to the latest firmware?
> Please share with me the url as i cant see 3.7 from Sangoma website
> > 3.4.1 wanpipe driver is stable in your system.
> Unfortunately not!! Just try to play with the E1 interface and you see how
> it behaves. It looks like sangoma doesnt like dirty line at all. Small
> disturbance on the line can cause serious damage
> > It is stable in my system, however I'm using 40octets long dahdi chunk
> > size.
> Tell me more about the 40octets vs ? Im using standard dahdi
> Kind regards
> Sam
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