[asterisk-ss7] Sangoma A104DE + Dahdi + libss7 + Asterisk -KERNEL PANIC

research at businesstz.com research at businesstz.com
Fri Aug 7 00:33:02 CDT 2009

> The firmware was v35, but red suggested is v37 (I have A108D). Tonight
> I'll try another upgrade. I skipped the firmware changelog.

Im yet to see v37!! can you post the url please

> Are you upgraded the card to the latest firmware?
Please share with me the url as i cant see 3.7 from Sangoma website

> 3.4.1 wanpipe driver is stable in your system.
Unfortunately not!! Just try to play with the E1 interface and you see how
it behaves. It looks like sangoma doesnt like dirty line at all. Small
disturbance on the line can cause serious damage

> It is stable in my system, however I'm using 40octets long dahdi chunk
> size.

Tell me more about the 40octets vs ? Im using standard dahdi

Kind regards

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