[asterisk-ss7] testing throughput from Asterisk to AS5300 via SS7 over T1

jacque howard jacque5115 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 22:06:20 CDT 2009


I have the following gear:

2 IBM Xseries 300's running Asterisk s, each equiped with a te205p (2 span T1 card).

2 AS5300's, each equipped with 48 voices. 

I'd like to eventually pump generated calls from one Asterisk box to the other - passing through the 2 gateways in between - and have them routed through the Dahdi channel using SS7 between Asterisk and AS5300.   I can find plenty information on how toconfigure SS7 on the Asterisk box and send it  out but I'm not clear on how a gateway (AS5300 in this case) receives it.  

I'm guessing a crossover T1 from one span on the te205p to a span on the AS5300???
And then configuring inbound peers on gateway.  But do need to buy a SS7 server/switch or can AS5300 terminate the SS7 signaling from Asterisk?    

Eternally grateful,

Jacque Howard

Anybody's tried this at all?

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