[asterisk-ss7] VÁ: A question about Domjan's libs s7

adomjan at tvnet.hu adomjan at tvnet.hu
Sun Aug 2 07:31:57 CDT 2009

I have never used the test program...
If I will have time I will fix it

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Tárgy:	[asterisk-ss7] A question about Domjan's libss7
Feladó:	"tian" <tian00di00 at live.com>
Dátum:		2009.08.02. 07:10

Hi, guys!

I got Domjan's version of libss7 and looked through it's code, it seems that Domjan's version is a mixture of the original libss7 branch and trunk (possibly with some modifications). 

I tried the libss7 test programs. Unfortunately, when I issued the command './ss7test socketpair' a segmentation fault occurred (the segmentation fault does not occurr with the original libss7 branch version).

As I don't have the necessary hardware to set up a running Asterisk box, I hope someone who is running Domjan's version will kindly give me some information. Most probable, Domjan's version is operational, but I do hope someone will confirm it to me. 

What should I do to modify the test program to solve the segmentation fault problem? 

Thanks ahead and I really appreciate your attentation!

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