[asterisk-ss7] chan_dahdi updated in my svn

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Tue Apr 7 12:50:52 CDT 2009

Attila Domjan wrote:
> I merged an tested many patch from 1.6.0 branch.
> Matthew: intoduced an ss7 bug in chan_dahdi by r183327
>  1.6.0 svn (and
> some inband indication won't be passed to SIP and others.
> Missing the
> p->dialing = 0;
> after the p->progress = 1;
> when we get ACM/CPG
> (it is fixed in my svn)

Thanks for letting me know Attila.  I appreciate your keeping up on this 
the last bit here.  I have been trying to finish up a few major projects 
internally that have taken a lot of my time lately, but I'm hoping they 
are going to slow down relatively soon.  When that happens, we'll start 
merging your latest changes back into the mainline again.

Matthew Fredrickson
Digium, Inc.

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