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	I have TE420P and no T2XXXP which i bought just a few weeks
back, do i still need to update the drivers ? The telco claims that
everything is up at his end ....Also one more thing when i connect the
cross cable from the Modem (where the E1 is teminated) to my TE420P the
lights are RED at the card, they dont turn green....but they turn green
at the MODEM. The Operator has also done a loop test at my premises to
prove that upto the modem everything is right....
	i went step by step on the README given by Matthew on the libss7
package...Please guys let me know do i need to start from Fedora
installation again ? fresh ? and what versions of the package shoud i
install ?
	My Boss is after my a** and i need to get this working by
tomorrow ....
	Thanks for all your help
	The TE2 & TE4 cards use the same drivers from what I understand.
	I would try the current svn.

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