[asterisk-ss7] LibSS7 issue

Sriram d_r_sriram at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 13 12:04:22 CDT 2008

Thanks ! now chan_dahdi.so was seen under the modules of asterisk..but another prob :(  whenver i get to asterisk CLI and give the module load chan_dahdi.so ...it exits with the following error :

Unable to load chan_dahdi.so , command 'module load chan_dahdi.so' failed...the debug msg shows :

[sep 14 03:52:06] WARNING[30185]:chan_dahdi.c:4290 handle_alarms:Detected alarm on channel 1:Red Alarm --registered channel 1, ss7 signalling

i see this till channel 15 after which it exits saying cant set sigchan on channel 16....the operator is still doing some chnages at his end but i just want to confirm if this is some issue at his end or my end

thanks- sriram

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