[asterisk-ss7] Loadsharing with libss7

Kristian Nielsen knmeister at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 07:49:49 CST 2008

Tobias Wolf <tobias.wolf at evision.de> writes:

I believe you can do this with chan_ss7, setting up two boxes as a
cluster, though I think you would set up both boxes with the same point
code. This is important not only to get load sharing but also to be able to do
system maintenance without downtime, and is a standard in the MPT3 part of

I do not think libss7 supports the same configuration (yet?), but maybe it is
possible to do it using two different point codes as you describe with some
help from the switch at the other end?

 - Kristian.

> is the following setup possible ?
> Two Asterisk Boxes, every Box has its own Point Code, both are connected 
> to the same SS7 Switch. Now i want incoming call from the SS7 Switch 
> load shared over my two Asterisk Machines. So first call goes to Server 
> A and the second Call goes to Server B.
> Is i understand SS7 correctly it should be possible to have one 
> Signalling Channel configured on Server A, which handles Calls for both 
> Servers. A backup Signalling Channel would reside at Server B, so if 
> Server A goes down, Signalling should switch to Server B and all Call 
> will go through Server B, if Server A goes up again, Signalling could 
> switch back to Server A, but another option would be that, from now on 
> Server A will be the backup.
> If libss7 does not support this, is there a way to get this implemented 
> ? How long would it take and how much would it cost ?
> The other option i can think of, that the SS7 switch can give me this 
> functionality. Do you have any information on this ?
> Thanks for you help ;)
> Kind Regards,
> Tobias Wolf
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