[asterisk-ss7] Loadsharing with libss7

Tobias Wolf tobias.wolf at evision.de
Sat Nov 15 06:42:31 CST 2008


is the following setup possible ?

Two Asterisk Boxes, every Box has its own Point Code, both are connected 
to the same SS7 Switch. Now i want incoming call from the SS7 Switch 
load shared over my two Asterisk Machines. So first call goes to Server 
A and the second Call goes to Server B.

Is i understand SS7 correctly it should be possible to have one 
Signalling Channel configured on Server A, which handles Calls for both 
Servers. A backup Signalling Channel would reside at Server B, so if 
Server A goes down, Signalling should switch to Server B and all Call 
will go through Server B, if Server A goes up again, Signalling could 
switch back to Server A, but another option would be that, from now on 
Server A will be the backup.

If libss7 does not support this, is there a way to get this implemented 
? How long would it take and how much would it cost ?

The other option i can think of, that the SS7 switch can give me this 
functionality. Do you have any information on this ?

Thanks for you help ;)

Kind Regards,

Tobias Wolf

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