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Tue May 13 03:10:08 CDT 2008

Hello Matthew,

The problem is not solved with this patch, i think its really needed to 
make an alerting, not only a progress.

Please change that to be more Standard-compliant.

Thanks a lot


On Sat, 10 May 2008, Matthew Fredrickson wrote:

> asterisk at nicox.org wrote:
>> Hello to everyone,
>> We are using libss7 now for a long time, and we have seen a small problem.
>> If we get a ACM message from the carrier, asterisk says that the call is
>> Proceeding now, and not Ringing as described in the documentation of the
>> SS7-stack from Intel(dialogic).
>> I changed 2 lines in chan_zap.c to solve this.
>> here the diff for asterisk SVN-Version 115577:
>> 9646c9646,9647
>> < 					p->proceeding = 1;
>> ---
>>> 					p->alerting = 1;
>>> 					p->subs[SUB_REAL].needringing = 1;
>> I hope i did it in the right way, becuase i'm on it to learn c at this
>> time, really no PRO.
> I added a patch that I think should fix it in trunk rev 115598 or in
> 1.6.0 branch rev 115599.  Can you update and confirm that my fix (it was
> a little different from how you did it) works for you?
> This has been a problem for a while, for a few other people, so if there
> is anyone else that has had any issues related to the audio channel not
> connecting after getting an ACM, please update if you can to confirm
> whether or not this issue has been resolved.
> Basically what I did was to queue a progress frame along with the
> proceeding frame (which we already queued) when we receive an ACM, which
> should open up the audio channel to anything you are bridged to.
> Thanks!
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