[asterisk-ss7] always see callingpres in * even when CLIR comes from ss7 party

Krzysztof Drewicz krzysztofdrewicz at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 13:18:26 CDT 2008

2008/6/27 Matthew Fredrickson <creslin at digium.com>:

> Krzysztof Drewicz wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > i've done a basic ss7 setup with usecallingpres=yes in zapata.conf
> > works very good, now whould like to be "just like real telco" and need to
> > see the calling presentation  number ever when Restriction is set in
> > incoming call by ss7,
> >
> I'm trying to understand what you're asking here.  So you say that when
> calling presentation is set to restricted, the incoming call in Asterisk
> has the last 3 one up to three digits are reported as 0's in
> extensions.conf, and you would like to ignore the calling presentation
> indicators to see those digits, so you can route them in the dialplan?

Sorry for not being "easy to understood"
main problem:
my ss7 party (telco operator) is seting "Call presentation restriction" and
is transminig the calling number,
what i need to achieve is to _see_ the calling number no mather if clip is
set or is not set by ss7 network.

for last digits, this is only common scenario, when the end customer on the
other side of ss7 network uses "CLIR on demand" and then in the ss7 network
we se the "CLIR" flag and number like +AB CDE FG 00 (only example). But for
me seeing the calling number is a issue right now, i don't care if it's
realy the ...FG 00 or ...FG XY (this is _easy_ to achive in dialplan logic).

found this line of code:

  if ((p->use_callerid) &&
(!ast_strlen_zero(e->iam.calling_party_num))) { 9649
ss7_apply_plan_to_number(p->cid_num, sizeof(p->cid_num), linkset,
e->iam.calling_party_num, e->iam.calling_nai); 9650
p->callingpres = ss7_pres_scr2cid_pres(e->iam.presentation_ind,
e->iam.screening_ind); 9651         } else 9652
p->cid_num[0] = 0;

IF i get it good, this line checks for CLIR bit and if it's on it says to
channel driver "calling number restricted".
I whould like to pass the calling number, without checking for CILR bit.

Hope that you understood the above? if not please say and i will do an
example of call scenario.

Krzysztof Drewicz
+48 504 17 55 77
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