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Fri Jun 27 10:13:44 CDT 2008

On 6/27/08, Nhadie Ramos <nhadie.ramos at yahoo.com> wrote:
> hi sir,
> thanks for your reply. does that mean i need to buy E1 card? is it not possible to use it with AS5400  coz they already have it? or does chan_ss7 or libss7 need the E1 card? if E1 card is needed, and i bought 1, can i use that asterisk as a replacement for PGW2200 on handling  the SS7 signal?
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> Nhadie


  If you have AS5400 gateways and you would like to do SS7, you
(basically) need to buy a PGW2200.

  The PGW2200 is typically made up of three parts:

- Sun servers running Solaris and Cisco MGW software
- Low end Cisco routers (2811) used as ITPs
- Cisco AS gateways for trunks

  The 2811s use SIGTRAN between themselves and the Solaris boxes.  The
Solaris boxes then use MGCP to control the AS gateways used as trunks.
 The AS gateways have nothing really to do with SS7 (technically),
they merely bring up trunks for calls setup using SS7.  Obviously they
have some specific SS7 functionality (CICs, etc) but other than that
they are pretty dumb.

  If you would like to somehow avoid purchasing a complete PGW but
would still like to use your AS gateways you will need to figure out
how to replace the ITPs in this config using Asterisk and get the MGCP
channel driver to properly control the AS gateways.

  You could then use T1/E1 cards in your Asterisk boxes doing nothing
but signaling and let your AS gateways handle all of the transcoding,
echo cancellation, etc.

  It would be an interesting config.

  OR - you could use Asterisk to just replace the MGW software.  This
would be more complicated because you would need to implement SIGTRAN
in Asterisk and ensure proper MGCP support.  With this config you
would also need to buy 2811s to use as ITPs...

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