[asterisk-ss7] always see callingpres in * even when CLIR comes from ss7 party

Krzysztof Drewicz krzysztofdrewicz at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 15:39:47 CDT 2008


i've done a basic ss7 setup with usecallingpres=yes in zapata.conf
works very good, now whould like to be "just like real telco" and need to
see the calling presentation  number ever when Restriction is set in
incoming call by ss7,

i understand, that for example if calling party is restricting it's number
that last 1,2,3.. digits could be reported as zeros (for example the
client's PABX do this if clir on demand is  used, to mask the extension, and
also sets the CLIR bit) but for my client i need first 2-3 numbers, the area
code from calling number, basic idea is to see if call is coming from one
region and put that call in queue for that region.

so is there a option for that, or it could be done by few lines of code in
souce of libss7? (like if CLIR = (CLIR == RESTRICTED ) ? UNRESTRICTED : CLIR
) ?

Krzysztof Drewicz
+48 504 17 55 77
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