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Tim Danner tdanner at pacwest.com
Thu Jun 19 18:25:56 CDT 2008

I see that you recommend a 64k link, but have you tried a 56k link and if so, what troubles did you run across?  The reason I ask is because some equipment limits us to 56k links.

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On 06/17/08, Tom Chandler wrote:
> In the read me file, for libss7, there is reference to it working on 56k links.
> I have a installation that is using 56k links.  Any information on the
> configuration for 56k links would be most helpful.  I have searched
> the archives, but without much sucess.

If you grep the zaptel folder for 56k, you will find a comment entry that needs changed.

You will need to be running digium hardware.

Also, you will need to use hardhdlc instead of dchan for your ss7 linkset channel.

If possible, I would recommend you get a 64k link.


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