[asterisk-ss7] SS7

Suhaib Mehyar suhib88 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 25 07:30:45 CST 2008

please i have a question regarding ss7,
i already have a server which is connected to 3 E'1s by a sangoma card (standard pri connection), the question is :
is it possible to install ss7 module while no changing on the running pri connection? is it possible to have both modules running on one server (ss7 and pri)?????
i will reconfigure the 3 E'1s like follows can anyone help me is it doable (note all mentioned below is on the same server, also the card does support ss7):
already exist          ------------------------------>    to be 
--first E'1 (pri)       ------------------------------>   first E'1 (pri) --second E'1 (pri)   ------------------------------>   second E'1 (ss7)--third E'1  (pri)     ------------------------------>   third E'1  (pri)

thanks very much.....
please tell me if i need to contact asterisk-users.
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