[asterisk-ss7] ERROR linkset_addsigchan

Everton Goularth evertongoularth at yahoo.com.br
Sat Feb 9 11:56:51 CST 2008

Thank's Joseph for the suggestion,

but I have already looked at both (zaptel and zapata) samples config files.

As a mater of fact, my dchan for my first E1 is the channel 16, and because this I'm
 think that is something strange. "ztcfg -vv" doesn't show me any error.

I'm not using a digium card, I'm using Tormenta card with 4 E1 ports.

My config files:




group = 1
ss7type = itu
linkset= 1 
pointcode = XXX
adjpointcode = YYYY
defaultdpc = YYYY
cicbeginwith = 1
networkindicator = national
sigchan = 16
channel = 1-15
channel = 17-31

If someone has more suggestion or the solution ;-)

Thank's for the opportunity.
Everton Goularth

Joseph <tech at ekn.com> escreveu: On 02/08/08, Everton Goularth wrote:
> Hi ALL,
> I`m trying to configure my asterisk with ss7 just for test, but when I 
> run asterisk the channel zap was not in the asterisk, and when I made: 
> module load chan_zap.so, I received this error:
> ERROR[20375]: chan_zap.c:12670 linkset_addsigchan: Unable to get 
> parameters for sigchan 16 (Inappropriate ioctl for device)
> I have looking for about this error, but until now I didn`t solve it.. 
> Someone knows how to solve it or what means this error?

I would suggest you look again at the sample configuration.
This seems to strongly indicate zapata.conf or zaptel.conf configuration
error. Perhaps sigchan 16 is not a dchan in zaptel.conf.

|                    respectfull, Joseph |
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