[asterisk-ss7] question about Charge indicator

Jorge Valencia jvalencia at chile.com
Tue Dec 16 09:04:42 CST 2008

Hi guys, recently i noticed that some calls between switch (ZTE ZXG10) and my
libss7 machines in the ACM message in the parameters have a randomly charge
indicator to values 0 or 2.  Dont know if there's a problem, but other telcos
that we interconnect says the parameter no charge was set and then so the calls
was not charged.
Can i set up a always charge parameter in ACM?
Well as always thank you
Jorge Valencia G.  
Desarrollo y Negocios    
Will Telefonía S.A.  
Santo Domingo 1894 - Santiago - Chile   
Teléfono: (56) 2 5720000 
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