[asterisk-ss7] Suggestion for Lowest price PRI provisioning

Mehdi Shirazi mahdi_shirazi at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 12 11:02:37 CST 2008

I am working in a big telecom operator.
have huge amount of ISUP trunks but in some exchanges we don't have
enough PRI  Es . I have an ideas for solving this problem in lowest
price as below :
There should be a special signaling convertor like
this: this converter receives 2 SS7 signaling channels from telecom
switch and convert it to 120 D_channet(PRI) on same TE410 board then
inside Telecom switch with configuring "semi permanent connection" 
D_channel will map to channel 16 of E1s that supposed to work as PRIs
so 120 D_channel will map to channel 16 of 120 E1s( from telecom switch
point of view this E1s are SS7 trunks ).
by this method with using just 4 E1 ports we can convert 120 ISUP E1 to PRI and sell them.

signal convertor box <<--2 ss7 channel---Telecom switch -----120 PRI---->ISPs,PABXs
 convertor box --120 D_channel-->>Telecom switch ........''.........''............."           

I want to know is doing this method is possible with Asterisk+ libss7+libpri without modifying source cods ?
If need modifying source code is it easy or need deep understanding of source codes ?
what is your suggestion is it practical idea at all or not ? 

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