[asterisk-ss7] Warnings when installing dahdi

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Tue Aug 19 15:17:20 CDT 2008

Christopher (JVM) wrote:
> No I did not see the message 'Removing Zaptel modules for kernel 
>' all I see are the warnings after the 'INSTALL' statements. 
> Furthermore, I made sure to remove all zaptel stuff on the server before 
> installing it. I am thinking that these warnings are due to something else.

There are still Zaptel modules present on the system somewhere in
/lib/modules/, otherwise the depmod tool (which generated
the messages you saw) could not have generated those messages.

> I am getting the warnings when doing make, make install with dahdi-tools 
> before even installing dahdi-kernel. Does it matter which one I install 
> first ?? 

I assume you mean dahdi-linux; you can't build dahdi-tools without
installing dahdi-linux first, as it requires headers files from
dahdi-linux. Also, those error messages *must* have come from trying to
install dahdi-linux, since dahdi-tools is not even aware that the kernel
modules exist.

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