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Thu Aug 14 01:11:17 CDT 2008

Dear Matthew,

What do you think , how could one improve it then, you think chan_dahdi
should speak MGCP or any request show come up to channel then bridged (or in
some other way) to an MGCP channel (not the current but a changed MGCP
channel) and the rest.
I have another question Matthiew, are you familiar with MGCP, how could one
address a channel on gateway?


On 13/08/2008, Matthew Fredrickson <creslin at digium.com> wrote:
> voip me wrote:
> > Dear Folks,
> >
> > Sorry for my ambigouse subject. I want to set the following solution and
> > need your idea's and experinces. I want to setup an asterisk box with
> > one E1 link containing 4 or 5 SS7 signalling links and have two or three
> > asterisk boxes each with 8 E1 (voice only) as media gateway. What is
> > your idea's, is it possible, it seems MGCP is for this case but aa more
> > i look in asterisk MGCP channel less I get what's its usage. Any one
> > could shed some lights on this topic, im somehow mixed up. How could I
> > control the media gateway asterisks to tell them which channel has a
> > call and where it should go?
> Asterisk's chan_mgcp does not support being a media gateway right now.
> You can only control media gateways.  Also, Asterisk doesn't currently
> support signalling reception on anything other than a DS0 directly
> connected to the machine.
> You're not going to be able to control media gateways either that are
> signalled via SS7, since chan_dahdi does not speak MGCP.
> These are both things that I would like to improve though...
> Matthew Fredrickson
> Digium, Inc.
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