[asterisk-ss7] dpc and adjpc

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Tue Oct 16 09:19:56 CDT 2007

Eric Huang wrote:
> Hi Joseph,
> Thanks for hints.
> Your hint confirms my configuration. Yes. The defaultdpc node controls
> cic trunks. The adjpointcode is the next hop is to get to the
> defaultdpc. But I can only see SS7 working in the node with
> adjpointcode, but not going to the node with defaultdpc.
> I will need to enable debug mode and maybe hook the protocol analyzer if help.

As Joseph mentioned, the defaultdpc is where your ISUP traffic will be 
sent.  If you have not enabled any channels/CICs yet, you will not see 
any ISUP traffic, only MTP3 layer point to point traffic.

Matthew Fredrickson

> cheers,
> /eric
> 2007/10/15, Joseph <tech at ekn.com>:
>> Eric Huang wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> I have to configure different numbers for DPC and Adj  PC. For
>>> example, I have to have the following values in zapata.conf.
>>> pointcode = 100
>>> adjpointcode = 1001
>>> defaultdpc = 1000
>>> All ss7 goes to 1001, not to 1000. I have checked the code.
>>> libss7.h in libss7
>>> ss7_set_pc(), ss7_set_adjpc(), ss7_set_default_dpc() are related.
>>> but there is not ss7_set_default_dpc function in any C files. My
>>> question is how can I make singaling go to PC 1000 and routing it with
>>> PC 1001? Missing code there?
>> You want to make defaultdpc point to the PC that controls your cic
>> trunks. Adjpointcode simply means what the next hop is to get to defaultdpc.
>> I have seen it work even if the adjpointcode is wrong. I am not sure how
>> that can be...
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