[asterisk-ss7] dpc and adjpc

Joseph tech at ekn.com
Mon Oct 15 04:55:02 CDT 2007

Eric Huang wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have to configure different numbers for DPC and Adj  PC. For
> example, I have to have the following values in zapata.conf.
> pointcode = 100
> adjpointcode = 1001
> defaultdpc = 1000
> All ss7 goes to 1001, not to 1000. I have checked the code.
> libss7.h in libss7
> ss7_set_pc(), ss7_set_adjpc(), ss7_set_default_dpc() are realted
> but there is not ss7_set_default_dpc function in any C files. My
> question is how can I make singaling go to PC 1000 and routing it with
> PC 1001? Missing code there?

You want to make defaultdpc point to the PC that controls your cic
trunks. Adjpointcode simply means what the next hop is to get to defaultdpc.

I have seen it work even if the adjpointcode is wrong. I am not sure how
that can be...

 respectfully, Joseph       |

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