[asterisk-ss7] ISUP decoding error

Kristian Nielsen knielsen at mysql.com
Tue Jan 16 02:44:18 MST 2007

asterisk at nicox.org writes:

> I get so much ISUP decoding errors like this:
> Jan 16 09:51:46 NOTICE[8793]: l4isup.c:4060 l4isup_event: ISUP
> decoding error, message discarded. (typ=47)
> Does anybody know what that means?

It seems this is the "Confusion" message in ISUP.

The chan_ss7 module does not implement handling of this message. So the
message just means that the confusion message has been ignored (maybe it
should rather be a DEBUG than a NOTICE message?).

Google turned up this for the confusion message:

    CFN is sent in response to any message (other than a confusion
    message) if the node does not recognize the message or detects a
    part of the message as being unrecognized.

so apparently the other end is expressing confusion about some message
sent by chan_ss7.

If you are up to it, it would probably be a good idea to add decoding
and logging of the confusion message. It takes a single variable-length
parameter "Cause Indicators" which, if decoded and logged, might
hopefully provide a bit more explanation about what exactly the other
end is confused about.

Alternatively, logs from the other end may provide information as to
what is wrong. It may be as simple as conflicting CIC setup at each end,
or might be chan_ss7 sending bad messages, or whatever.

 - Kristian.

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