[asterisk-ss7] libss7 - One linkset but 2 DPC with same CIC number

Daniel Bichara daniel at bichara.com.br
Wed Dec 12 06:02:14 CST 2007


We are running libss7 with 3 E1s. First E1 has the signalling channel on
16 and the others are connected to two different DPC (different

The point is: CICs of link #2 and #3 are numbered from 1 to 31. They
have the same number and function ss7_find_cic() can not find the
correct PVT (channel) when looking for CIC number 1, for example, on
GRS,GRA,BLO, etc..

I am working on a patch to handle OPC information (structure ss7_event /
ss7_event_ciconly) and pass this information to ss7_find_cic for such

Any comment/suggestion is welcome.



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