[asterisk-ss7] Sending CallerID Network Provided and User provided

Tim Danner tdanner at pacwest.com
Thu Apr 26 00:50:33 MST 2007

I believe that to be in the U.S. the OCN (Original called Number) or why would you have second caller id, if it weren't forwarded? SetCallerPres is only when you want the calling number presented, but this can go for both parameters.  Please clarify you're intent if I'm not answering this question. 

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i'm currently working with Asterisk 1.2 and the latest chan_ss7, and
I have been googling around some time now, and now I hope you
can help me.
I want to signalize two CallerIDs, first the user provided one, and also in
the same call the network provided.
I found SetCallerPres, but with this trick i can only signalize one..

Or is this possible with libss7?

Anybody any ideas?

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